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NetFinder v3.1.1

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What is NetFinder?

NetFinder is a fast, easy-to-use website and general file management and automation tool for remote servers and local files. It supports a number of protocols including FTP, FTP SSL/TLS, SFTP, WebDAV to name a few. It incorporates numerous operating system features to offer the richest user experience. With more than 11 years of industry experience behind it, this trusty tool is a must try.

Take the product tour below for a glimpse of what the product is about.

Key Features:

View files the Leopard way: preview, slideshow, full screen and more.
Locate bookmarks quickly and easily no matter where they are on your Hard Disk.
Multi-Protocol Support
iDisk / WebDAV, FTP, FTP SSL/TLS, SFTP, HTTP, FILE... cPanel managed websites are also supported.
Local/Remote Mirroring & Syncing
Mirror up, down or both ways (merge). Simulation Run. Mirror Reports...
Metadata - Label/Comments
Label and Comment bookmark entries, local items, and remote servers items too!
Search & Filter
Show all photos, html files, graphics. You can define it, save it for later use, and use regexp. Filter your display hierarchically - brought to you first by NetFinder.
Drag & Drop Everywhere
Why waste time, when you can just drag and drop to upload, download, move, copy, delete...
Ever move or rename something you didn't really want to? Well it's no longer a problem, just undo!
One Click Automation
Do you ever find yourself downloading, manipulating the files, then uploading over and over? Humans are not robots, but computers can be. So get the computer to do a bunch of tasks for you with a single mouse click.
Ever wish you can instruct a program to do tasks for you? Now you can. Integrate NetFinder in to your workflow using AppleScript.
Never worry about forgetting your password again, save it once securely, and let the application fetch it for you thereafter.
Remove the need for sending passwords to your server, or for that matter even having to know your password.
View Certificates
View certificate information to give you peace of mind.
Code Signing
Ensures the integrity of the application from viruses and other nasty things.
Getting/Setting Attributes
Easily view and edit information like permissions of remote items. Recursively change permissions of folders and their contents, get the size of a folder, and more.
External Editor
With a single keystroke you can begin editing a file in your favorite editor (if supported) and then when you save, the file is magically re-uploaded, updating the copy on the server. It could not be easier.
Audio Feedback
Sound and Speech notifications when tasks are complete.
Multimedia Preview
View photos (EXIF attributes), text files, movies, mp3's and more.
Create a droplet, then just drop files and folders onto it in the Finder and they are instantly uploaded to the server for you.
Address Book
Organize your clients' servers, logins etc in Address Book, and instantly see the available servers from NetFinder, then just select and connect. It's that easy.
Why remember a server name or IP address, when servers around you just "appear". Select and connect. Can it get any easier?
MacOS-like interface
Simplicity of renaming, moving, copying, duplicating, deleting, labelling, commenting... in a way that is familiar to you.
Support for 3rd party Growl Notifications for better visual feedback.
But wait there's more...
... much much more.

Other things to know:

Product Tour:

NetFinder Overview

Take a Quick Tour of NetFinder to get a feel of what it's all about.

With an application that has an enormous number of features, there is insufficient space here to tell you about all of them. However, there is a more complete list of features you can read up on in the beginning of our comprehensive online documentation.

What users have said:

Read the comments from some of the satisfied NetFinder (v1.x and v2.x and v3.x) users.
A few are listed below:

"Another user of NetFinder before the OS10 days and have used it everyday. I too have tried many ftp clients including the 'popular ones' as they say, and I just find it simple and easy. ... Netfinder may not have some features, but I bought it years ago and it has worked for me, and I tell all my new web designers to get it." - APPLE CODER (posted on

"NetFinder has been my favorite FTP program since 1998: that's a 10-year addiction." - J. Feat.

"Outstanding Product! volker riebartsch/executive editor macup magazine." - Volker Riebartsch

"I wouldn't be able to webmastering without it" - Andrew Pease

"Finally; someone gets it right! Thanks." - Lawrence

Try NetFinder's FREE 15 day trial today. Go to Downloads. You don't know what you are missing out on.

Awards and Reviews:

FindMySoft Excellent Certified Softpedia Clean Certified Filedude approved 5/5 Best Shareware - Internet Face-lift  

NetFinder 3.0 - Softpedia "100% CLEAN" AWARD
FindMySoft - FindMySoft Excellent Certified - 5 stars
MacWorld - Aug 2000 Review - 4 1/5 mice.
MacUser - 1997 Best Shareware - Best Internet Face-Lift.
Tucows - 5 cow rating.
MacDownload - 5 mice.
MacWelt (German MacWorld) - 5 mice.
FileDudes - 5 dude rating & Dude Approved!

X-Assist v0.8.1

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What is X-Assist?

X-Assist was created to assist in the much loved but missing features of OS 9 in OSX. Over time other helpful features have been added.


Product Tour:

X-Assist Menu

Take the Quick Tour of X-Assist to see what it can do.

How Much?

Or•ta•be free you say. Well X-Assist is donation-ware, so you are not obligated to pay anything. However to motivate us in keeping it maintained, we would appreciate your donations.

Awards and Reviews:

FindMySoft Excellent Certified - 5 star Softpedia picked software - 5/5      

FindMySoft - Excellent Certified - 5 stars
VersionTracker - 4.6 stars.
MacUpdate - 5 stars.
MacWorld - 4.5 stars.